Department of Physics

The department of Physics was established in the year 2012, three years after the college was founded, to offer physics course. From the humble beginning, it has grown in stature to stand tall today, offering B.Sc., program in Physics. It caters to the academic needs of more than 100 students specializing in Physics, around 50 students through allied courses. There are about 1000 books in the department library. The department has very well equipped laboratories for conducting all its programs. Formal lectures will be made more effective and useful by providing students with synopsis of lectures and bibliography. Besides lectures, there will be assignments, guided library work, seminars, group discussions, projects, etc. Models, laboratory work, workshop and field experience will also form part of the teaching process. Every year we celebrate SCIENCE DAY on behalf of Department of Physics.

Chamber of Analyzation in Physics

It is a research division of the department and it was inaugurated on science day in the year 2014. Every year on behalf of Chamber of Analyzation in Physics, Department of Physics conducts Special Lectures on Recent technology in Physics and also conducts seminars and workshops by inviting the experienced professors from various research centers and Institutions. Chamber of Analyzation in Physics is led by Dr.S.Gunasekaran Dean, Research and Development, St.Peter’s University, Chennai, Former Head & Asst.Professor, Department of Physics, Pachiyappas College, Chennai & Former Registrar Periyar University, Salem, Dr.K.Murugeshwari Head, Department of Physics, Govt.Arts College, Salem, Dr.L.Jothi Asst.Professor in Physics, Department of Physics, N.K.R Govt. Arts College for Women, Namakkal are the members of the forum…


To make the Students academically capable and professionally dynamic.

To foster scientific temper.

To develop analytical and critical thinking.

To bring in experts and scholars from Academia and industry for the vibrant academic culture of sharing and collaboration.

To provide opportunities to the students to collaborate with faculty members on research.

To provide skill based laboratory experiments.

To motivate the students to participate in seminars/workshops/conferences all over the country.

To strive for consistent academic excellence and integrated personality development.

To Appreciate and apply Basic Physics principles in everyday life.